Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tank City WIP-color

original sketch-

one day it will be finished. i like this quote from Bob Peak.

"Now, in every assignment, there is a great deal of preparatory thought. The actual execution of a painting takes about three hours. Few of the drawings take over one hour. Really though, this is a misleading statement. A painting may take ten years..."

"... that is to say, it was ten years before I could do it."

i found it at this blog-


Jean Fhilippe said...

Man, i love that quote as well! Also I remember this very much as it is one of my favorite sketches from you, i've been waiting patiently for the day you complete it as well...but like the quote, it'll come in the right time.

Till then i'm just fine with seeing you play it the idea and so many other going around here!

And i don't know about showing my face up north, but who knows, i might drop by sooner than we think.


Ben Greene said...

Fantastic quote!