Sunday, August 15, 2010


photoshop over a loose pencil drawing. for a contest at

the theme was Nightmares. the idea is sort of from Monsters Inc. i love the idea of a couple of bullies going after a gentle monster. poor guy. so anyways, the kids are the monster's nightmare.


Ben Greene said...

Haha, great stuff here Mike. The light and color really captures the mood and the idea is just too fun!

Charles Santoso said...

Mann... this one is really great! Really like the boy in the front.. I looks like he can do some damage to that monster! :D bad ass!!

Look forward to seeing more from you!

Btw.. the ninja is awesome too! love the pose!

All the best!

Annis Naeem said...

absolutely love this one. AWESOME work

Mike Bear said...

wow, annis. it's great to see how you're evolving.

keep up the animated work!