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I Heart You Too, Electric Girl

The digital age is a strange one.

Sunday, June 07, 2009


Swearing can be fun.


While doing reference research for a personal project I came upon some amazing photos of 60's era astronauts. It's amazing to me that these guys risked their lives for the exploration of space. Most of these guys look like total dweebs, but have got to be some of the ballsiest people on earth. I loved the contradiction.

As for the style, I'm totally ripping off the colors from countless ads I've seen, but instead of stopping myself from having fun, I just said screw it and made it anyways, because, why not? It's liberating to just make what I feel like and not care if I fall on my face. I think for the first time since I was a little kid I finally am just making art for fun again, and it doesn't have to take 20 hours, it can be these quick little farts of ideas.

Also, sometimes the search for originality can stop us from even taking chances... I have stopped myself too many times to remember from making something because I felt like it wasn't original enough or it didn't fit my misguided notion of what I was "supposed" to be making.

These could be parodies of current style choice because they are kinda full of cliches, but I wasn't too concerned with the style, just the idea of astronauts using modern style. Our current view of astronauts seems to be a little distant because the media does not portray them as heroes like they used to.

I kind of like using tangents and cutting off words right now. I think it's interesting to think that by cutting off a word, you're almost cutting of the idea... like interrupting someone in mid-sentence, because you're bored of what they are trying to say.... which is how I think current society views astronauts and the space program.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Quarter Century

This is a bit of a departure from what I normally do, but I think it's also reflective of my life and my mind in general at this point. I just turned 25 and life has been pretty interesting so far. I feel very fortunate to be alive and experiencing life. And more importantly, trying to learn from my experiences so far. I like to think that everyone goes through growth their whole lives, it's what makes life worth living in my understanding.

This is colored pencil, Tombow markers, ink wash, gouache, and india ink.