Wednesday, September 13, 2006


This drawing was one of those stream of consciousness sort of things. I had no plan and just drew parts as they came and then tried to polish it up. I'm very pleased with the outcome, and I like the design, because it's just weird.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Process of Creation- Step 4

This is more or less a color sketch of what I want. It's a little too pastel due to the fact that at the time I did it I was using a malfunctioning monitor (the contrast was too high and it was also very dark). So hopefully by the time I finish it, all will be well. Right now I'm starting to flat it, starting with the trees.


I was at starbucks, trying to get into a character's head ( the female). But as I always do, I take little breaks to read comics. I had the Ultimates graphic novel with me and was inspired to draw the Hulk as well. If all goes well, I'll be drawing the Hulk some day. Just wait.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Process of Creation- Step 3

I went over the pencils with ink wash. It upped the contrast, but maybe have lost a little bit of detail. I also might continue inkwashing to get more subtle values. Or I will add more subtle values during the coloring stage. This will happen most likely in Photoshop, but I am curious to experiment with watercolor, as well.

Sketches from my latest book

Many of these sketches were done during this last week when I spent a week with my family (parents and little brother) at Lake Chelan in Washington State. Some were done for a GI Joe comic I did a few weeks ago. I generally work very fast and without direction. The more detailed sketches often happen for reasons I can't control, though I wish I could.

Monday, August 14, 2006

The Process of Creation- Step 2 (finished)

This is as far as I'm going with pencils. I think it's a little too far, but since I'm not sure what my next step is going to be, I'm going to go as far as I can with what I know best, the pencil.

There are many options here. Ink, Inkwash, Watercolor, or a mixture of all three, or just leave in pencil and digitally color it. So many options. I think I'm going to experiment on something else first before I do anything to this.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Process of Creation- Step 2 (continued)

And I continue with the pencilling, very far from being over. I show you now, only for the inspiration to continue with the same effort. This is apparently going to be the most delicately pencilled thing I've ever done. A test of patience and endurance. Lovely.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Process of Creation- Step 2

This is a piece of 11x14" watercolor paper. The pencils are about 1/4 of the way finished, and I have the feeling that they will look much different when I get this done.

The overall plan is to take this from pencils to watercolor, possibly with the addition of inked contours, but I'm not sure yet. It's kind of an experiment.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Process of Creation- Step 1

To start this blog off I am going to walk through my creative process. For this first installment, I'm going to actually use a sketch done over a year ago as the starting point.

The sketch was done in a World Mythology class. I reccommend learning about world mythology because many ideas can be found from it. Plus, its a huge part of human history.... kind of important.

I should have been paying attention in class, but all the talk of giants and Norse gods inspired me.