Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ghost Rider on Unicycle

It kind of looks like he's riding an orange slice.


Phil Spehar said...

Cool work! these are hilarious!

C.Deboda said...

Sweet! And now that you mention it, he kinda does look like he's riding an orange slice. :D

Mike Bear said...

Thanks, guys!

Vince Aparo said...

i love that his flames look like lava lamp goop! nice work and awesome site!

Charles Stone said...

Hey Mike, love your work.

I gotta say the Ghost Rider illustrations are hilarious and genius.

Wondering if you'll entertain seeing Ghost burning it up on a Rascal, a grocery cart, a tricycle or even a piece of luggage that has those little wheels? lol

Had to put it out there.

Thanks for the images, bro!

Anonymous said...

I feel like this definitely needs to include those goofy tiny SmartCars next.