Friday, July 23, 2010


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Jean Fhilippe said...

Hey mike!
Man, i feel terrible for my lack of feedback here. Sometimes it's hard though, i confess, you come up with some serious load of impacting sketch book pages and imaginative concept sketches like these that seriously leave me struck down on the spot. Then i feel like i need to be on this right zone to reflect and digest what i've seen and just then you post again and again...and i am left beat with a serious amount of accumulated K.O's.

I have to say these past experiments with color schemes and environments, quick building concepts and such, has been an exciting process to follow. You've been growing tremendously with your development of ideas and styles, narrating with excellent use of atmosphere. And it just get better every time.
I put pieces like these beside the bulk amount of studies and experiments you post and it reminds me like an elbow to the head, of the massive power you're accumulating before striking me with some colossal full bodied project. And it will destroy.

also digged the new look to the blog, the header with that badass dragon piece you made works well with this new phase!