Sunday, June 07, 2009


Swearing can be fun.


Jean Fhilippe said...

Mike!dammit man, everytime i come here i get blown away with your art and ideas man. This sketch here is jsut lovely, but those from the cafes ( previous posts) just stroke me in the head with the lighting bolt of magnificent art! It's even better to see your develotpment, cause i remember your posts from so long man, and you are just one large step after the other. Sort of like astronauts. Also, I couldn't agree more with what you typed on that post. Oh, and I am hopefully going on a road trip to Boston Next month.....What do you say? I am also looking for a job up north cause i plan on moving there for school if all goes well ( NY ) so..let's see man. we might just end up killing pages together!it'd be killer

Saigonradio said...

Thanks for the comment on the OOP2 story. Yeah it was a lot of hard work with so little time. I hate it now lol.

Anyways, nice update with the new drawings and blog layout. Keep up the nice work because I see a lot of good stuff here.


Annis Naeem said...

I missed your comment on my blog, so this is a late response, but thank you so much! I'm flattered.
I love your work and unique style. I like what you're doing with the brush pen (i'm attempting something similar in my sketches these days).
Love your paintings too. Nice!