Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sketches from a nomadic life.

I haven't updated my sketchbook in a long time, so here goes. These sketches are from the past 8 months, from the time I moved from Chicago to LA, back home to "near Seattle", and finally to Boston for my new job. Life is crazy.

Just when you think you are achieving your goals, you find out that what you want to do and what you are made to do are two different things. Thankfully, I have the artist part right, but as for what kind of artist.... that is to be decided.

We're all just spinning solar systems slowly forming as time wears on.


Brian Recktenwald said...

Holy crap man, I'm digging all these.. I'm however strangely drawn to the giant robot with the little feet hanging from below. Mind if I render this guy out in 3D? due credit of course :) Also, I finally put up a blog in an attempt to do more personal work... we'll see how long that lasts. Stay brutal sir.

Grant Newton said...

Dude I know! The robot with the dangler is awesome! Sweet stuff yo!

sakiteriyaki said...

Your sketchbook is rad! I always tear the pages out of mine.