Sunday, July 22, 2007


Sundays are my favorite day. I go to a cafe, sit and draw from life or my imagination. Often times I'll try to paint something really quick. Most of the time I'm not very successful, but it doesn't keep me from trying. The more I can do of these types of things, the better.
I realized today that I have not painted many scenes at all. All of the details, color, and lighting of an environment is pretty overwhelming to me at this point, but in time I'm sure I'll learn a few things about color and light.


Julkillo said...

I like your watercolors drawings,and I¨ve beenat your blogs.Have you been here,in Spain last year?Sid you like it?Wher do you go,only Barcelona?

Julkillo said...

Thanks for the visit and comment Mike, I live at the south of Spain,in AndalucĂ­a,exactly in Cordoba,a very nice city.Hope you visit it,it´ll be a great experience.