Thursday, March 15, 2007


This is a sketch I did while at the San Diego airport. Nothing fancy.
This is a drawing/watercolor done in an hour and a half. Just messing around.

I colored this very quickly after a long day of drawing GI Joe. The drawing itself was done before I started the comic. Probably why I spent so much time on the details... those were the days.

A quick sketch done probably before I started GI Joe, but colored a few days ago.

And this is a work-in-progress. I drew this before I started GI Joe and have decided to attempt coloring it in my spare time. This is what I got after an hour or so... I'm pretty slow.


St3! said...

thank you guy!

You're so young and so damn talented! You started at my same age, and I think your limit is the sky!

The next big name in comic industry!

I'll follow your job!



siphios said...

man,i have just becomed your newest fan!
excelente work,and amazing jaw droping creativity! i hope to get as far as you when i get to your age man.
keep this inspiring job coming, please! i beg! >.<

i'll follow your job as well!

see ya man =)

Grant Newton said...

Yo B! Hot stuff buddy! That dragon kicks! The bottom one looks how Fullmetal Alchemist SHOULD have looked!

Meghan Jean said...

what the heckfire?! I smell a traitor... you should be posting this stuff on the rickrack. What was all that talk about integrity?

Anonymous said...

wow dude im so impressed!!!

what inspires you or who influences your work??

cant wait to see more!!!!